Ford KA Pickup

A very different project we have on the go at the moment is this Ford KA – Pick Up build. The original work to cut the rear roof off the car and make the basic pick up was done several years ago by another company. Our customer bought the car as an unfinished project with the view to finishing it and making a vehicle that was a little different that he could use to promote his business. His idea was to try and recreate the look of an American pick up into a little UK Ford KA. Certainly, a challenge. Originally the contract had been given to another company but after two years of zero progress we were approached last year to take on the project.

Unfortunately, the work of cutting the rear roof off severely compromised the overall strength of the car. To put strength back into the shell we have fitted a new rear roll cage with much stronger mounting points. This will later be chromed. We have also taken the cage through the bulkhead into the cabin as a normal roll cage. Much of this will be hidden by revised interior trim.

Another task we have been given is to allow the fitment of much wider wheels within modified wheel arches. With no body kits available to widen a KA using the original 13inch wheels, we are having to come up with some ideas around the existing body work and plastic wheel arches. This is work in progress.

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