Formula Classic

Tom Wheatcroft who was the owner of the Donington Park race circuit, introduced the concept of Formula Classic as a pan-European series in 1995. Around 20 identical front engine 1950 style cars were built. Fitted with a 2.0litre normally aspirated Millington twin cam engine and producing more than 250bhp and with narrow period wheels and tyres, it meant that the cars were difficult to master and drive. After 2 rounds the series collapsed. Many of the cars, believed to be 16, were later sold at auction and many were stripped of their original engine, gearbox and final drive.

This car is the original chassis number 2. Bought by one of our customers several years ago, it was missing its engine, gearbox, final drive and several other components. But with persistence and patience many of the original parts from this chassis were located including the original engine, gearbox and final drive.

Now we are in the process of rebuilding the car to its full original specification which we believe will make it one of only two of the original specification cars left in existence. We hope to have this completed by mid-2023. Our customer then hopes to display the car at various selected events with invited drivers for live displays

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