To succeed in any discipline of motorsport, whether it is a small club event or a full international competition either at home or abroad, it will require much more than just the preparation of the competition vehicle.

Thorough planning involves many things from producing a budget for an event or championship, entering an event or registering for a championship, understanding the sporting and technical regulations, booking hotels, scheduling ferries or flights, sponsor and media commitments too understanding the particular demands of a given event or championship.

In addition to this, when competing abroad, you can find that technical regulations in one country may not be the same as another, local road traffic regulations may require changes to competition and support vehicles, access to accident and emergency service’s may require additional paperwork and insurance while customs requirements may me different from those of your home country. For a competitor or team wishing to optimise their budget and enhance their chances of success, it is vital that they understand the importance of all these elements.

Clive Taylor has gained more than 40 years of experience at all levels and in many different disciplines of motorsport. This has come from more than 25 years co-driving in stage rallies from club level events to International’s both at home and abroad including events like the Lombard RAC Rally and running cars for a selection of clients in championships such as the British Rally Championship, Irish Tarmac Championship and the Belgium Rally Championship. He has also gained extensive knowledge of events around the world while working for teams such as GSE Motorsport Europe and M-Sport.

Whether you are competing in a Classic rally, a navigational or Targa type event or a clubman, national or International rally or race, we can offer a service that goes much further than just preparing a car for an event. We can offer our On-Event Support services as listed below tailored to match the individual requirements and challenges a client may have with their motorsport plans.

On event technical support for rally, race or rallycross.

We can provide either partial or full on event support including engineering and technicians and equipment depending on client’s requirement.

Managed & co-ordinated testing for rally, race or rallycross.

It is important to accurately record all data while testing. To optimise a test, we first consult with a client to determine what they wish to achieve. After a test, all data is processed and passed to the client and any adjustments are made to the vehicle where required.

Full on event management & co-ordination

To obtain the best possible result from an event, detailed prior planning is essential. This includes studying event and technical regulations to ensure full compliance, planning for logistics, accommodation, travel and on-event support. Movement and event schedules are produced and supplied to team personal ahead of any events.

Full championship management & co-ordination

Just as with individual event planning, we can provide a full service for clients wishing to contest a championship. In additional to individual event management, we can manage your championship programme to include testing, media work and sponsor commitments.

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