Restoration of genuine Ford RS200 into a replica of the iconic works rally car.

In the mid 1980’s, International rallying was the home of the infamous fire breathing 500bhp plus cars that formed Group B. In order for Ford to compete directly against the might of Audi, Lancia and Peugeot, they produced their own mid-engine turbo charged, 4 wheel drive challenger called the RS 200. Due to an abrupt change to the sports regulations, the RS 200 made only a few appearances on the world Rally championship before the Group B category was cancelled at the end of 1986.
In order to comply with the homologation requirements, Ford produced a number of these cars for normal road use. This car (Chassis No: 123) was one of those cars. Following a three year project the car was rebuilt into a replica of one of the famous works rally cars and made its debut on the 2013 Killarney International Rally of The Lakes.

These days the car is part of a private collection in Scotland where it is lovingly maintained and displayed periodically at various classic and historic car shows. In 2017 Gordon Winning was entrusted to display the car at the Shelsley Walsh Historic Festival where Gordon was presented with the award for the best presented Group B rally car by former British Champion Russell Brookes.

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