With the ever-increasing interest in motorsport history and the desire of many to enjoy the sight, sound and smell of these older vehicles, the company prides itself on restoring and preparing vehicles to the exact same specification that they would have been used in their earlier lives. Just like pieces of fine art, TME Motorsport Engineering Ltd believes in protecting these fine pieces of engineering history for future generations to experience and enjoy while at the same time enhancing the values of these vehicles for their owners

Today, a car that has history dating back many years may be far removed in appearance and technical specification from its original creation. To safeguard the value and history of a particular vehicle, the company will look at the vehicles history and with the agreement of the client choose a point in time to restore it back to. This research forms an essential part of any project so that we can ensure that the technical specifications, paint work and all other details are correct for a given time period or event. We will use materials, fittings and components that are correct for a given period




Restoration projects will often involve many more hours work than conventional preparation or rebuilds of rally and race cars. After initial discussions to determine the direction of any project, an estimate of the work involved will be completed. Then to ensure the smooth running of any project a stage payment contract would be agreed. The company would report to a client on a regular basis to inform of progress and highlight any issues that require discussion as they occur.

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