Ford KA Pickup

Ford KA Pickup A very different project we have on the go at the moment is this Ford KA – Pick Up build. The original work to cut the rear roof off the car and make the basic pick up was done several years ago by another company. Our customer bought the car as an unfinished project with the view… Read More

Ford S1600 Puma

Ford S1600 Puma In 2003 TME’s Clive Taylor was asked to look after this original Ford Motorsport / Boreham Super 1600 Ford Puma for Ryan Champion and Cliffy Simmons in the 2003 British Rally Championship. It was the car that was used by Francis Duval for the 2002 Monte Carlo Rally and was given to Ryan for the year by… Read More

Triumph Dolomite 1850

Triumph Dolomite 1850 With the continued growing interest in historic based motorsports, this 1850 Triumph Dolomite had been built for use in the Historic Rally Car Register historic road rally-based events. Stan Graham and Liz Jordon purchased the car in early 2022 have already used the car in several events during the year. They have asked us to complete various… Read More

Formula Classic

Formula Classic Tom Wheatcroft who was the owner of the Donington Park race circuit, introduced the concept of Formula Classic as a pan-European series in 1995. Around 20 identical front engine 1950 style cars were built. Fitted with a 2.0litre normally aspirated Millington twin cam engine and producing more than 250bhp and with narrow period wheels and tyres, it meant that… Read More