New Build of Citroen C2R2

In 2006, Citroen launched the new C2R2 rally car. Aimed at a one-make championship and complying with current homologation regulations allowing the car to be used on International status events, the car proved to be very successful going through several evolutions of development with the final specification being the 2010 C2R2 Max. This particular car was the first to be built in the Republic of Ireland and one of the very first RHD tarmac specification cars to be built.

Customers could purchase a kit of specially homologated parts from an appointed Citroen Rally Sport dealer. The kit including a prepared and caged bare body shell, a Sadev 5 speed sequential gearbox, suspension parts, engine parts, wheels and personal safety equipment. They also needed to obtain a base donor car from which to obtain wiring loom, glass, trim, doors, identity etc.

Clive Taylor had already gained a huge amount experience when working on various Super 1600 programmes with Ford and MG/Rover. But this project provided a new set of challenges. The first problem was that all build and specification sheets were in French. To comply with ‘One-Make’ championship regulations and International homologation regulations it was essential that these build sheets were adhered too. The second challenge was that the initial ‘Tarmac’ specification kits supplied by Citroen were perfect for cars competing on the very smooth stages of European tarmac rallies, but the kit was far from ideal for the dumpy and muddy lanes that were found on Irish rallies. Liaising with engineers in France, Clive was able to come up with a base specification more suited to Ireland which was included into this build. Later testing by Citroen and Kris Meeke produced a more finely tuned set up specification for Ireland.

The car was completed in December 2006 and handed over to John and Caroline Quill at a launch of the new C2R2 rally car near Cork in the Republic of Ireland. It then made its competition debut on the 2007 Galway International Rally in the hands of John & Caroline.

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