Mini Innocenti

In early 2022 we were approached by a new customer to see if we could help him to try and get his beloved Mini Innocenti back on the road. The engine and gearbox had been previously rebuilt by another company but there remained several issues. He had returned the car to the company who had done this work to get the problems resolved. Unfortunately, in the months following, the company ceased trading before the work had been completed. Our customer managed to recover the car from the administrators along with several boxes that were meant to contain his stripped engine and gearbox.

Unfortunately, several parts had gone missing which meant that although it was basically a Mini ‘A’ series engine and gearbox, the Italian Innocenti version used some none-standard ‘A’ series parts, and these needed to be sourced.

Eventually we located the missing parts and were able to complete the car and return it to one very happy and relieved customer.

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