New Build of Citroen C2R2

New Build of Citroen C2R2 In 2006, Citroen launched the new C2R2 rally car. Aimed at a one-make championship and complying with current homologation regulations allowing the car to be used on International status events, the car proved to be very successful going through several evolutions of development with the final specification being the 2010 C2R2 Max. This particular car… Read More

S1600 Peugeot 206.

Full rebuild of Ex Peugeot GB Super1600 206. Former Peugeot GB British Rally Championship Super 1600 Peugeot 206   In 2007 Clive Taylor was asked to manage the full rebuild of two of the Ex-Peugeot GB Super 1600 206’s. This was the first of the two rebuilds and was the car that Justin Dale used in the British Rally Championship… Read More

Ford RS200

Restoration of genuine Ford RS200 into a replica of the iconic works rally car. In the mid 1980’s, International rallying was the home of the infamous fire breathing 500bhp plus cars that formed Group B. In order for Ford to compete directly against the might of Audi, Lancia and Peugeot, they produced their own mid-engine turbo charged, 4 wheel drive… Read More

Triumph TR5

Triumph TR5 Period Restoration We are currently working to complete a full period restoration of an original Triumph TR5. Our client has instructed us to complete all works to Concours standard and to be fully accurate to the original commission number as his intention to then display the car to various classic car shows and Triumph events. The car had… Read More